Thomas Cole’s Cedar Grove, House Museum, Catskill N.Y.

395-401 Main Street, Catskill, NY

Porch Restoration, Clermont , NY

Timber Framing

Private Residence: Catskill N.Y.

Private Residence: Catskill N.Y.

Boscobel House Museum: Garrison N.Y.

Greenville Central School: Greenville N.Y

Simon’s General Store: Ancram N.Y.

St Peter’s Church: Spencertown N.Y.

Presbyterian Church: Catskill N.Y.

Mt. Pleasant Church: Hudson N.Y.


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  • Municipal
  • Churches
  • Residential


"I have had the pleasure of working with Dimensions North for more than a decade on numerous historic preservation projects. The firm blends the best characteristics of the small contracting firm (detailed attention and project commitment) with the administrative capacities and breadth of services of larger firms. DN is honest, curious about new and alternate ways to solve problems, willing to take on complex projects, and always has the project’s best interests at heart: I know of not a single client who would not welcome them back."

- Marilyn Kaplan / Architect, Preservation Architecture